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A thought to ponder: in doing family history research, we try to piece together the various elements of our ancestors’ lives in an effort to create a complete (or as complete as possible) picture of who they were in their homes, families, occupations, religions, and activities. Their musical interests/involvement should be considered part of this whole picture, or circle, of their lives. I attempt to assist genealogists in providing this missing element of the family history, helping to complete, or mend, that circle. You can get a sense of this phenomenon by seeing and hearing some of the entertainment options of your ancestors on my Sights & Sounds page. Of course, the CDs offered here allow you to bring some of that element into your home (or car) and make your ancestors’ music part of your life, too.
I am excited to report that I have completed recording eight CDs; all are based on my Songs/Stories programs. To order any of those listed here, please contact me directly. CDs cost $15/each (includes tax and U.S. shipping). If you are interested in individual MP3 files, please scroll to the bottom of the page for that option (contact me for song list, if needed).  
  IrishImmigrantsInsertInsertWebSome pieces on SONGS OF IRISH IMMIGRANTS include verses that are omitted in the presentation of this topic. Selections feature a a variety of instruments played by me – including banjo, guitar, and mandolin – as well as my husband, Butch Hibben, backing me up on saw and spoons on selected songs, including a haunting rendition of “Londonderry Aire” (aka “Danny Boy”) on saw and mandolin.
          CWsongsInsertWebAs I do in the related presentation, I play a variety of instruments on this CD, including guitar, banjo, concertina, and mandolin. On some pieces, I am backed up by saw and spoons, played by my husband, Butch Hibben, who also sings a duet with me on one selection. Some of the pieces on SONGS OF THE WAR OF THE REBELLION include additional verses, and there is at least one additional song, not performed in the related program.
        HOLIDAYsongsInsertWebSelections on SONGS OF HOLIDAYS PAST are taken from both Christmas Songs & Stories presentations and some include verses not performed in either program. As I do in the live performances, I play a number of different instruments on this recording, including guitar, harpeleik (a Swedish Zither), bowed psaltery, and mandolin. Additionally, I am backed up on one selection by the organ, played by my father, Roy Wilcox (recorded in the 1980s), as well as my husband, Butch Hibben (on saw and spoons), on other selections.
        MormonSongsInsertWebSONGS OF MORMON PIONEERS includes a piece not performed in the To Zion in Song program, as well as additional verses to many of the songs from that presentation. Because of the wonders of recording, more instruments are added to some of the songs and many include my husband, Butch Hibben, singing harmony as well as playing his saw and spoons. The selections are authentic songs, sung by the Mormon pioneers, but few of the pieces are known to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Whether or not you have Mormon lineage, these songs should be of interest to those who enjoy American folklore: they are part of this country’s history.
      GoldRushInsertWebAs I did in the earlier CDs, I have included additional verses and one song not included in the “. . . Excavating for a Mine” program, the origin of this CD, SONGS OF THE CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH. Songs are sung to accompaniment played on 6- and 12-string guitars, mandolin, banjo, Dobro, and concertina, played by me; and saw and spoons, played by my husband, “Uncle Butch” Hibben. The songs tell the story of the 49ers who came to California from all over America and other countries to seek their fortunes.
        Appalachian_frontWeb2SONGS OF APPALACHIAN ANCESTORS is now available! This recording includes songs that are presented in the program on the same subject, but additional verses and three additional pieces, not included in the presentation, are part of this recording. Instruments used in this CD include 6- and 12-string guitar, mandolin, banjo, autoharp, limberjack, dobro, mountain dulcimer, spoons, and saw (with the last two being played by my husband Butch).
        AmericanWestFrontWebAs I did in the “Get Along Little Dogies” presentation, I play a variety of instruments on this CD, including guitar (6- and 12-string), banjo, concertina, Dobro, and mandolin. On some pieces, I am backed up on saw and spoons, played by my husband, Butch Hibben. Some of the pieces on SONGS OF THE AMERICAN WEST include additional verses and there are a number of additional songs not performed in the related program, including the original verses of “Home, Home on the Range” (originally titled “The Western Home”). This recording gives the listener a sense of the Western lifestyle.
      ChildhoodFront_WebI am very excited about this CD, The Songs of Early Childhood, probably because I have envisioned it for many years. I couldn’t get all the songs on it I wanted, but there is a good mix of the types of songs our ancestors sang in their childhoods. These are a sampling of those that have withstood the test of time, lasting into our current Century. There are play party songs, songs that teach lessons, one progressive song (where you repeat information from the previous verses in each successive verse), lullabies, and songs just for fun. Some of those in that last category are lively and just beg for some toe-tapping. These are appropriate for all ages, of course, and this CD would make a good addition to the music library of some of the children in your lives, I am sure. Instruments used to accompany the songs include guitar, banjo, mandolin, saw, spoons, and more. The children in the photo are a few of my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and “extended” grandchildren (it’s a long story I won’t go into here) and I’m thankful (and amazed) that they sat still long enough for the photo to come to pass (“thank you” to Pam McComb-Podmostko for “fixing” it and taking us all into the garden).
Note: Many of the pieces here are also used in the programs for Kids’ Camp at national and local conferences.
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