German Translation

Gina-20Julia-20004-1-.jpg.w300h225 jandgwoirking Natives of Germany, Julia and Gina work as a good team to decipher the old handwriting (Gothic and Sutterlin scripts) and type (Fraktur) to discover hidden family members. Frequently, relatives from the “Old Country” would share the intimate details of the family members left behind with their loved ones in America. These can be treasures for their genealogist descendants, if only they could figure out what was being said in the strange handwriting. And the newspapers from Germany, reporting deaths or other events “back home” might shed amazing light on the family history, if only the historian could understand them. Backs of photos, memorial (funeral) cards, diaries, Bible entries, post cards, documents, and more hold the answers to questions we don’t even know to ask! Julia and Gina uncover some of these mysteries (and for reasonable rates). They even add footnotes/endnotes to explain the historical events and/or geographic locations referenced in the documents, if not already clear from the text. READ WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THEIR AMAZING TALENT: “Jean, thanks so much for referring me to Julia and Gina for the German translation.  They did a great job for me with a document that even they admitted was quite difficult.” – Mara, August 2011 “Thank you so much for the speedy translations. . . . This is a wonderful service you provide, thanks again.” – Janice, March 2011 juliamyrtgina“Thank you! I am thrilled you were able to translate my great-grandmother’s birth record.” – Michelle, March 2011 “You were so prompt in sending the translations. . . . thanks again for a job well done.” – Sue, February 2011 “Julia and Gina have found relatives I did not know I had and taken information back another generation by translating the letters my great-great-grandmother (and her descendants) received from family members back in Bohemia. So many puzzle pieces just fell into place with each letter they translated. I cannot put a value on what was provided by these experts” – Jean, February 2011 “I was very impressed with how thorough they were and how much attention they paid to the idiosyncracies that can change a word; they made the translation read very smoothly” – Jackie, February 2011 juliaandgina(at)